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YSS Suspension Specialists
YSS Suspension
Passion, Innovation, Excellence


New YSS shocks fitted to Mean Streak

The new YSS shocks are fully adjustable in both compression and rebound and can even be revalved or repaired if required. The YSS shocks have made an enormous difference. With the original Mean Streak standard shocks, the bike would jar the back if set too hard or cause the bike to wallow on undulating roads, especially two up. They had no rebound adjustment. The new YSS shocks have made a great ride, even better. "

RG 366 TRCL on the track

I got the RG 366 TRCL and had my dealer set them up for me. I was at least 2-3 seconds faster at the track yesterday than I had been before and my ground clearance was MUCH better. I would scrape foot and pegs before and have a hard time getting my knee down smoothly through the turns. I went 10mm higher on my ride height and that combined with stiffer springs gave me a much better angle/position on the bike. Another nice thing is that they look so much better than the Ohlins wannabe's that are OEM. Plus the silver/red of the YSS matches the red. "

YSS shocks - very good product

Do a search here for YSS shocks - they are brilliant - a very good product without the $$$ of ohlins. "

YSS shocks are less expensive

The Ikon shock for the GT is a gas shock with pre-load and 4 position rebound damping adjustment and more expensive than the YSS Z-302 TRL Twin shock, which is a gas shock with pre-load and 80 click rebound damping and costing less. The less expensive YSS gas shock has much finer control of the damping adjustment. "

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Your Suspension Expert

DirectorWalter Preisig

Your Suspension Shop is located in Adelaide, South Australia, and was established by Walter Preisig to service the Australian bike market with a new generation of gas shock absorbers that are continuously under development by Walter in partnership with Hyperpro and YSS. Walter has been developing racing suspension for over 25 years and has a wealth of experience in suspension technics, motorcycle maintenance and customer service.

Company Background

Adelaide Wet Metal Blasting


Yonsin Titanium

Harley DavidsonGo to Harley Suspension


It's unwise paying too much, but worse paying too little. By paying too much, you lose a little money. By paying too little, you could lose everything, because what you've bought would be incapable of doing what it was bought for. The law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it's wise to add a bit for the risk you run and if you do that, you can pay for something better. "

That said and with this in mind, Your Suspension Shop is servicing the motorcycle community in Australia and overseas as well as furthering the research, manufacture and development of top quality world class shock absorbers for racing purposes and casual driving without breaking your bank.

Your Suspension Shop (YSS)

BMW F800 Rider

Installed YSS fork valves and progressive springs last week and tried them out on a ride yesterday (Saturday). Unbelievable difference. Gone is the bottoming out on sharp bumps and they instill confidence on turn in as dive is reduced. Cost was $630.00 supplied and installed. "
Glenn Wainrib, Melbourne AUS

YSS Shocks on Cow Tracks

Just thought I'd let you know Walter the new YSS's on the 490 were great on those rough NSW cow tracks, could even actually walk after Lakes meeting. "
Legend, Newcastle NSW

Woooo Hooo - YSS Shocks

Woooo Hooo. :-) :-) They arrived today. They fitted perfectly with NO mucking around, look fantastic. Overall finish is very pleasing and nicely put together. Feel great when bounching on the bike. Damn, I got this thing rego'd. :-) "
Quicksilver AUS

OZ Championships 2011 Crystal Brook: EML Sidecar VIDEO << Click here

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Suspension for VMX and Classics

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EML Fantic Greeves Honda

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Husqvarna Kawasaki Kramer KTM

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Maico Metisse Montesa OSSA

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Suzuki Sprite SWM Triumph

Wassel, WASP, Yamaha VMX Shocks

Wassel WASP Yamaha x

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Superior PROMAX PD Fork Valves

Promax PD  Fork Valves
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Your Suspension Shop: Professional Expert Service, Repairs and Maintenance of Your Motorcycle Forks and Shocks

Your Suspension Shop: Servicing, Repairs, Maintenance: Ph (08) 8284 8033
Standard Services Type Price AUD$
Re-Valving Forks per Pair 300.00
Re-Valving Rear Shock Mono 150.00
Fork Servicing Upside Down 120.00
Fork Servicing Conventional 95.00
Re-Chroming per Leg 150.00
Fork Leg Replacement each from 250.00
Prices RRP in $AUD subject to change without notice incl. GST

Motorcycle Shock Springs and High Performance Progressive Fork Springs

World Class Motorcycle Racing Suspension - Genuine Motorsport Tested Replacement Parts and Upgrade Kits from Your Suspension Shop

Spare PartsCALL (08) 8284 8033 for YSS Shock Parts

YSS Suspensions are uniquely tailored to each rider's needs, featuring extremely strong construction and are perfect for special applications. YSS motorcycle suspensions are the most advanced in the world with superb adjustment features giving your motorcycle's suspension the perfect setup for the road or the race track. All Y.S.S. shocks are easy to fit and come with different features like adjustable compression, remote reservoirs, teflon coated sinter bushes or revolutionary bladder rebound technology.

The Y.S.S. gas shocks use high pressure nitrogen gas. Ride height adjusters, hydraulic spring tension preloaders and hard chromed shafts are other features throughout the vast Y.S.S. shock absorber range. Our YSS Shocks come all with Manufacturer Warranty.

Y.S.S. shock absorbers can be customised individually and are built to a quality standard where handling and service ability go hand in hand. Most of the Y.S.S. mono shocks come with PIGGYBACK Reservoir made from a solid piece of machined aluminium with adjustment screws for low-speed and high-speed while others are available with casted mounts for reservoirs, without reservoirs, reservoirs with hoses, billet-milled reservoirs or billet-milled 90 degree reservoirs.

Motorsport Tested YSS Motorcycle Suspension Products for Your Motor Bike

Location of Your Adelaide Suspension Shop

Curtis Road ExitClick Image for Northern Expressway Map

When you're in Adelaide you can purchase your suspension products direct from Your Suspension Shop Warehouse at MacDonald Park. Driving time from Adelaide City to Your Adelaide Suspension Shop is approximately 35 minutes. Click the "Get Directions" button below the Google Map to get the quickest road route from your location to Your Suspension Shop or look at the Northern Expressway Map. Before you drive off, call us first on (08) 8284 8033 so that your suspension product is ready on arrival.

Get Road Directions to Your Suspension Shop

Click "Get Directions" for a road route to Your Adelaide Suspension Shop or
look at the Northern Expressway Map

Shock Absorbers for any Motorcycle

Your Suspension Shop has a vast range of products at hand - ready made and also customised for any motorcycle. Feel free to call YOUR SUSPENSION SHOP to discuss a solution for your technical needs.

Your Suspension Shop

Phone +61 (08) 8284 8033